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We are delighted to have an ongoing affiliation with Dr Shaun Austin and the team at Healthwork Ltd.


Healthwork provide our Reporting Authorising Physician services and all reportable cases are reviewed by Dr Austin and his team who are not only qualified to the highest standard but the first company to hold SEQOHS in the UK.


Personal Track Safety: What you need to know


Personal Track Safety (PTS) is a system of safer working practices employed within the United Kingdom designed to ensure the safety of railway workers who have to work on the line/track side.


PTS ensures that rail workers are aware of their surroundings so that they do not enter situations where the aforementioned accidents are likely to occur, are able to move around the lineside safely and are able to react appropriately to circumstances (e.g. the approach of a train).


Railway Worker Track Safety

Ayrshire Medical Services Ltd draws together over 20 years experience of trained professionals within the occupational health sector to offer an affordable, on-site health care package to meet your company’s needs.


AMS Ltd offers a full range of health surveillance programmes from key risk assessments and questionnaires to vision, hearing, lung function and chain of custody drug and alcohol testing. By using an on-site service, the loss of productivity in your organisation is minimised. By promoting health surveillance, morale in the work place is increased and statistics have shown that sickness absence is reduced.


We operate with complete transparency and offer a 24 hour 7 day per week service throughout the UK.


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Servicing Your Industry through Health Surveillance and Occupational Health


AMS Ltd offers a broad range of medical services. No matter what the industry, AMS Ltd can provide a package to suit your needs.


It is always important to remember that your employees are your most important asset. A healthy workforce leads to higher morale, greater productivity and reduction in sickness absence.


Our Health Surveillance Programme will provide the support you need to set up and maintain a good health surveillance programme

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Drugs and Alcohol Testing

For Cause Testing In the Workplace


We are all too well aware of the increasing problems with drugs and alcohol in the workplace.


With over 20 years experience in the private medical sector and in particular occupational work, AMS Ltd are able to offer both random drug testing and for cause testing.



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